Reduce your annual energy costs




The Carbon Economy of the 21st Century places new demands on us all as consumers, to reduce our carbon footprint by consuming less energy. We need to alter our lifestyles so that we demand less from finite energy resources that will continue to become more and more expensive.

 Many Governments are introducing financial penalties or carbon taxes, as they struggle to meet the annual carbon budgets (limits) set by global climate change treaties. This means that taxes will be levied on those homes that waste energy unnecessarily. The introduction of Energy Rating Certificates on homes in Ireland is now a factor in the valuation of a property and likely to become a more dominant factor.

Regardless of how cheap or expensive it is to purchase or build a new home, the larger expense will be the annual energy costs over the lifetime of the home – an ongoing cost that we have little or no control of. 

 Have CAMPION HOMES erect your home and see the dramatic reduction in your energy costs. With our system you are ensuring there is no space between the insulation and the inner and outer leaf, which means your keeping the heat inside rather that escaping through the wall and this is what is happening with traditional block building……

Campion Homes Insulated Concrete Panel is an innovative, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and fast way to build your home or office. Increased U-Value increases the energy performance of a building so that operational energy costs are minimised. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over the life of the building asset is minimised. This has become an important factor to future valuations of homes, workplaces and building assets in general.

There are many advantages:

Safe, solid, quiet & secure

Unparalleled acoustic insulation

Superior thermal insulation

Significantly reduced operating & maintenance costs

Durable, reinforced concrete construction

Speed & ease of construction

And many more go to our website WWW.CAMPIONHOMES.IE

Or send your plans in remember your new home is probably your largest single financial commitment let us help you save money!!!!


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